Extra Walkie

Our caretakers take special pride in the attentiveness to the needs of our guests and take them out as often as the show signs of need.  But sometimes a dog just needs more planned potty breaks than the standard two.  Add extra walkies and our caretakers will schedule that into your baby's daily plan.  

One-on One 15

With this activity our caretakers will have individual playtime with your doge using our giant stash of toys in one the activity yards for a minimum of 15 minutes.  If your dog has a favorite activity you can tip off our staff and they will emphasize this one while exploring new possibilities to.  The activity is available for our kitty guests as well.  

One-on-One 30

This is the same activity as the One-on-One 15 and is available for cats and dogs with a minimum 1/2 hour. 

Brain Games

Brain game is the interactive toy that releases treats to your pup.  This self-paced game allows them to enjoy a fun time that stimulates both their body and mind.  

Walk About

For that dog that needs to fulfill that inner urge to sniff and explore, we offer a minimum 15 minute on lead walk with a caretaker around the campus within the perimeter fence.  

Family Play

Guests utilizing the Family Play activity will enjoy the same features as the One-on-One 15, but open to your entire family of pets during their stay.  


Is your spoiled baby accustomed to having treats throughout the day?  Our caretakers can give them one just like at home. 


Cool off that hot dog with a frozen bone shaped treat.  We have small and large sizes with a selection of flavors.  

Gourmet Treats

Handmade and decorated gourmet treats for that special pup that deserves to know how fabulous they are.  Choose from a variety of Pawsitively Gourmet treats for them.  

Bedtime Snack

For that extra special tuck in snack our caretakers can give your fur baby a special treat last thing in the evening before closing so they can relax their way into a great night.